Pembrokeshire Road Trip (Cheese)

Carrying on after the brewery why not pop into a place to buy a load of cheese? We visited the same shop about three years ago and nothing has changed.

Pant Mawr Farmhouse Cheeses. The guy I remembered is still three, with is Welsh charm and taking the time to talk about his cheese. Sampling the best quality cheese I have tasted anywhere in the world.

Cheese sign 1

Talk about family business, well this is it. Dad, Mom and son in the shop.

Cheese 1

Known has the Cheese Shed. Doubles up has a Post Office. We brought six of their seven cheeses for under 20 GBP. From November to Christmas they offer a 10% discount on their cheeses. So a big saving for your Christmas hamper.

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Pembrokeshire Road Trip Day 2

Weather is overcast, but still a quick breakfast, shower and off we go. Emily and Andre have joined us. First stop St David’s Cathedral.

Check out the following link for more information:


Davids Bishops Palace (also sometimes denoted as Bishop’s Palace or Bishops’ Palace) (Welsh: Llys yr Esgob Tyddewi) is a ruined medieval palace located adjacent to St Davids Cathedral in the city of St Davids and well worth visiting.  You can’t miss the ruins. There is an entrance fee of 4GBP for Adults. The fee allows you inside and to wonder around the palace.




Moving on after a look round St David’s city and tasting one of the famous Oggie meat pie we go onto the Newgale beach. Climbing the stone break to the sandy beach.



All pictures straight out of the camera. No editing



Tree Frm The Stone-4

You can’t get blood from a stone, but you sure can get a small tree from a stone!
I captured this imagine in a fantastic part of Wales,UK:The Elan Valley. What is the Elan Valley? Well it supplied and still supplies water to Birmingham, West Midlands, England. I have supplied a wikipedia site to check out the history of the dams.

To follow later more imagines form the Valley.

Red Kites in Flight


Returning from the edge of extinction:

Persecution meant that the bird was exterminated in England, Scotland and most of Wales by the end of the last century. The 16th Century saw a series of Vermin Acts, requiring ‘vermin’ including the Red Kite to be killed throughout the parishes of Wales and England -the bird was perceived as a threat to expanding agriculture.

Such persecution continued throughout the 17th and 18th Centuries, and at the end of the 18th Century another devastating blow happened when increasing numbers of gamekeepers were employed on country estates, set up after the initiation of the parliamentary enclosures. These men were responsible for killing far more Red Kites.
By the late 18th Century, Red Kites had bred for the last time in England; the story in Scotland was similar.


Only in rural Mid Wales did Red Kites hang on, their numbers down to just a few pairs. At that point a few local landowners had the foresight to set up an unofficial protection programme to try to safeguard this beautiful bird. Over a period of around 100 years, efforts to maintain a fragile breeding population were made by committed generations of landowners, rural communities, dedicated individuals and organisations.
Thanks to the dedication of individuals and organisations, and despite severe threats from egg collectors, poisoning and some modern farming practices, Red Kite numbers are now gradually increasing.

How close did the Red Kite get to extinction? It’s hard to give exact figures, but from scientific research at Nottingham University we do know that the entire population of kites in 1977 emanated from just one female bird.

My daughter and I visited a feeding station in Wales armed with our camera’s to take pictures of these beautiful birds in action. Their acrobatic movements in flight is amazing to watch, as they spiral down to feed. Words can not explain the grace of the pick up of the food.


There are a number of feeding stations in Wales and England and no doubt many more. If you are an action photographer, I recommend you get out there with your camera. You will not be disappointed.

All pictures were captured by myself. If you want to use them, please contact me. Many thanks

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Vacation Time (not Posted)

Hi all fellow bloggers
I have not posted in the last few days. We are in Pembrokeshire at the moment. This is not the first trip to this beautiful part of Wales. The coast is unbelievable and should not be missed. Unfortunately I have not been to grand. The old sinus problem has reared it’s ugly head and I feel like! well you know what. We have been out and about. I have taken a number of pictures, which I will post on return to the Midlands and also review a number of attractions down here in Wales.

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