Temples of Siem Reap


Temples of Siem Reap

Collection of pictures from Siem Reap of the beautiful temples. One of your bucket list to do, is a must visit to Angkor Wat. Although very touristy the temples are one place a photographer needs to pay a visit.

Take a look at the video it may give that nudge to get out the camera and on the plane to visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.


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One A Day 90

Just 10 days from the Big 100 posts in the “One A Day”


The brew pub in Siem Reap produces several different beers. The one above is the Golden Brew. Very nice indeed at 5%.

Keep Shooting

One A Day 89

Trying hard to keep up to speed with posting the “One A Day”. At the moment touring Cambodia and then off to Vietnam. I am running late with the posts, but I have pictures coming up.

The Monkey Dance performed at the Cambodian Product market in Siem Reap.


One A Day 85

Back in Siem Reap for the holidays. Good friends from the UK are here, so we need to give them loads of unusual experiences and they will.

Frog door handle