Thailand Street Photography


A short film I put together whilst living in Thailand.


Photography Bits and Pieces

Another week and another collection of tips and thoughts from the photography world. I know I have posted this installment early, but with a load of great ideas below, I couldn’t wait for you all to take a look at what is on offer. And for us all to become even greater photographers than we are now.

To become a better photographer we need to accept constructive criticism:

Wedding Photographer shares her tips in a video on the pitfalls of shooting weddings:

Planning the outdoor photo shoot, what to remember:

If you find portrait photography difficult, then you’re not alone:

Street Photography:

Save money on photography gear it’s DIY time:

Magic time with photoshop:

Looking for those shortcut keys on photoshop and lightroom? Well here they are. Make you post processing quicker:

Not sure where to go on your next photo shoot? Don’t look any further than your own city. Tips to help you find an opportunity near to you.

Should you go black and white or color on the shot:


So until next time: Keep Shooting