Buddha sitting under the tree


Temple by Rama IV Road, Bangkok

Temple From Road 2 Temple From Road 1

On the way to China Town today I managed to capture a couple of pictures of the Temple from the car. My wife goes crazy when I have the camera in my lap while driving, so better not take pictures whilst driving. This time I wasn’t driving. I am pretty sure the name of the temple is Wat Hua Lamphong

Keep shooting


Memories of Ban Chang,Thailand

Living and working in a town just out of Rayong for the last 9 years, you become attached to the place and have fond memories that I will cherish. Now that I will be leaving and heading back to the UK. After a total of 20 years in Thailand, I will miss this small town. My early Sunday morning photo shoots around the town and nearby places will be missed. I hope one day to return and check out how the town may have changed.

So I thought why not put together a series of videos that captured the memories of Ban Chang. This video is part one in the series.

I hope you enjoy watching, as much as I enjoyed selecting and editing the pictures to make up the film.

Until the next part in the series, Keep Shooting.