I have always been fascinated by the street vendors of Thailand. Their magic on the streets producing the right product for the customer, to capture their presence to buy their wares. Studying their manner with people is an experience I have always envied. Passing by their carts and seeing the same people return day after day is a credit to their capabilities as entrepreneurs. When you look, no, observe their actions, the street vendor is in the zone. Total concentration to provide the service for an end result. The picture below was captured during a Sunday visit to the best market place I have visited in my time in Thailand. It is non other than Sampeng Lane Market or the full tittle Soi Wanit 1.
A crowded maze of streets of both retail and wholesale products for sale and this should not be missed if in Bangkok, if you want to feel the Chinese influence of the city. If for a short time. Make this a priority on your list.


Total work ethic to keep the customer satisfied and the end resort money in the pocket.

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Keep Shooting

Vietnam Street Photography

Just uploaded a new video to youtube.  Streets of Vietnam portrays through images the life of the Vietnamese people. During my visits to Vietnam, my favourite country in South East Asia, I always carry my camera and take street pictures.

Keep Shooting

Youtube Video

Just uploaded my fourth attempt at you tubing. The new video contains mainly street portraits of Thai people I have captured on my many photo shoots.

Hope you like it. You may have to reset your quality setting to 720p. When I play back video on youtube , at times they can be a little fuzzy. So by resetting the quality I have no problem.