Lets Go Take Pictures

Yes, the domain name of my website/ blog and that is the aim. Get out there with the camera and post images captured with my Nikon cameras.

Not always sure that they will make the grade to some out there, but to me every picture has an experience.

Baseball Cap-0319 Haircut Haircut Sir-

Smile 2-0195 What a smile-0304 Cowboy Hat-0495

Check out the smiles.

Keep Shooting

Vietnam Street Photography

Just uploaded a new video to youtube.  Streets of Vietnam portrays through images the life of the Vietnamese people. During my visits to Vietnam, my favourite country in South East Asia, I always carry my camera and take street pictures.


Keep Shooting

Youtube Video

Just uploaded my fourth attempt at you tubing. The new video contains mainly street portraits of Thai people I have captured on my many photo shoots.

Hope you like it. You may have to reset your quality setting to 720p. When I play back video on youtube , at times they can be a little fuzzy. So by resetting the quality I have no problem.


Ariel Photographs

On a recent trip to Kl, Malaysia from Bangkok, after I made the trip to Suvarnabhumi Airport, the flight past over the area where I live. Looking out of the plane window, I notice a few lad marks, yes there is Maptaphut and the coast line. Out comes the camera and click away.

East Coast 1 Maptaput 1 Maptaput 2 Maptaput 3 Maptaput 4

Keep Shooting