Final “One A Day” Please Read

This is it, finished, finito, end of the road. What ever you want to to call it. After 104 days, the “One a Day” has come to an end. I have I failed? Maybe.

I talked it over with my wife. She wanted to record the final year of our adventure in Thailand, twenty years is coming to an end. Both our parents are in their prime, well not quite. So for me I must do what duty calls. For my wife, she has add the advantage that she does have an older sister that has been there for her mom. But, for me being the only child, does have have it’s short falls. Really, you say? Time has now come for the SON to return to home and take care of the person who brought me into the world.

Sorry, the tittle is to say that the “One A Day” is of now finished. Quality of the posts has dropped off a little. I have always been in the catch up mode. I will feel a little deflated in that I have not carried the project through. But my mind is on other important issues.

The final “One A Day” picture:


Superman in the local market.

Keep Shooting




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