Dala, Vietnam

Dalat in the central highlands of Vietnam is a place that you should visit if you travel to Vietnam. Also if you want a change of temperature this is place to come. The temperature at present stands at 14C on Thursday 17th December 2015 comparing to Ho Chi Minh City at 30C. With this type of climate Dalat is noted for its flowers and vegetables produce.

Veg Field 1

Greenhouses 1 Greenhouses 2

Where ever you go you can see greenhouses lining the fields.

Although there is major horticultural industry in Dalat, there are also a number of small holdings in operation, where their main source of income comes from what they produce.

Cabbages 1

Man Watering 1

A local man watering his small holding produce.

Dalat host’s a biennial festival to promote the city as a place of tourism. The festival takes place to honour the flower planters and Da Lat’s flower value to domestic and foreign friends.

This years festival runs from December 30th, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016.

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