Christmas Adventure (A Diary)

I will be posting most days of our adventures in Vietnam, with pictures and stories.

Well the holidays are here, for the first time we have four weeks to lay back, travel, have fun and enjoy Christmas. At one stage the UK was an option, but cold weather became the stub bling block, so off to Vietnam.

My daughter lives in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, so the city has become our second home. We visit her quite regularly, and take in the vibrant city. For many years we lived in Bangkok and is a fantastic city to enjoy yourself, especially for my wife. What with shopping and restaurants to wet all pallets, no one could not get used to this type of living. But for the last nine years we have lived near Rayong, in a nearby small town.

Leaving Don Meuang on Air Asia bound for Ho Chi Minh, taking about 1.15 minutes, we arrive to meet a long wait to pick up our visa. At the moment for British citizens they wavier visas to stay no more than fifteen days, but you can only enter once a month. We came over to Vietnam with a sports team from our school in November, so we had to get visas for this trip.

Waiting about the 30 minutes to collect the visa, we then move on to immigration. Down to pick up the cases and meet my daughter. Next into the taxi and the traffic, wow, seems to be getting worse.

Made it to my daughters apartment. Now out for dinner.

keep Shooting



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