Goodbye 2015 Welcome 2016

Hi all

As 2015 draws near to it’s year long reign and 2016 opens up it’s arms to new adventures and new experiences, I would like to wish all of you good fortune in your travels, photo shoots and health.

I hope you keep reading my blog and that you continue blogging yourself.

Happy New Year for 2016.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi. I managed to capture a few pictures of the building which houses the body of Ho Chi Minh. With strict rules at the mausoleum, these are enforced you can not take pictures on the inside of the building by guards. In fact your camera is taken away and returned once you have seen Ho Chi Minh.

image image

These are just a couple of pictures captured from the taxi, I will post a few more later.

Keep Shooting

Dental Graffiti

On the way to Hanoi airport to catch the airplane to Danang and hopefully warm weather. I caught a piece of graffiti I couldn’t miss. I have called this art work “Dental Graffiti”. The Graffiti on the wall maybe an advert for a local dentist.

Still an unusual work of art.


Keep Shooting

Hanoi Street Photography Part 1

In Hanoi, Vietnam doing what I like best? Walking around with my camera and getting into street photography. I have used both color and B&W in this set.

Reading the Newspaper  Between Motorbikes

Sitting Down Men and Gituars Heavy Load

More to come in the next post. Until then:

Keep Shooting


Off to Sapa, Vietnam

This is the tale of the Edwards family journey to the Northern Highlands of Vietnam.

Well, we are on the train from Hanoi to Sapa, well the train station arrive’s at is Laocai. Then another 40 to 60 minutes by car to Sapa. An overnight sleeper, this is a first for me, cost $84 per person for a two way trip. The sleeping berth is a two up and two down, not much room, but shall we say cosy.

We have two big suitcases, you can tell we are not backpackers, well there is an idea, start a blog for non backpackers. The Twitter and blogs are full of backpacker information about how to do and that on the cheap, so why not a middle of the road blog for those who need info on what four star hotel to use.

So back to the journey, first problem arises. Someone or should I say four people are in the berth that was booked for us. We explain to the lady guard, she gets on the mobile phone and an agent appears to tell us there was a mix up and they had double booked the berth. Anyways, we move to another one and all systems are now go. But not for long, we try to open the door and it won’t open. After some messing around we open it, I step out close the door and guess what it doesn’t open. Call on the little lady guard and she comes along and open it she does. We get the hang of it and off the train goes on it’s journey of 8 hours, stopping at every station on the way.

Now settling down to write this post on my bunk as the train rocks and rolls. Fell asleep and then I hear the guard calls that we are 30 minutes to our destination, so now is the time to get all our belongings and get ready to disembark the train.

We are met by a driver to take us to Sapa and to our hotel. We are staying at the U Sapa hotel. Feeling tired we check in and crash out for a little while, then decide to take a look around the town of Sapa. The town is filled with hill tribe people selling, hard sell in fact, these girls, ladies and older women are very forceful when it comes to selling. After a while it can become very tiresome and a little irritating, but still they are trying to make a living and feed the family. There are many hill tribes in the town ranging from Black Hmong, Mien and many more. I will have a post with pictures later and a few more stories.

After a couple of hours we head back to the hotel for a quick nap and then out late for dinner.

Dalat, Vietnam (Street Photography Part 1)

While in Dalat, Vietnam, I took loads of pictures of the tourist attractions and have posted a few already. But I also managed to focus on my street photography work.

Card Players BW

Card Players

Card players on the street.

Bear Hat

Teddy Bear Hat, feeling warm

Man Carrying

Street vendor

Vietnamese Lady um Straw Hat

Smiling Lady                                   Man and a straw hat


3 Plus 1

3 ladies and 1 child

Bag of

Bag of ? not sure!

These are just a small selection of black and white, and color pictures from the streets.

Part two to come!

Keep Shooting