Day 6: Visit to Mae Sai

Mae Sai, a Northern boarder town of Thailand. Traveling to Mae Sai we pass a Hill Tribe village, although this ge the vendors selling their goods, my wife and I felt “yes, here we go hard sell”. The village is a tourist attraction. We still decided to take a look at the village. As we walked through the village I still managed to click a pictures of the tribe people.



Walking towards the village entrance, we meet the man who wants the money to enter. Decided not to go through. Asking 300 baht each.

Onto Mae Sai we go. Many years ago we ventured to the town, but such a great place to take your camera. Hustle and bustle of a boarder town. The crossing point is to Myanmar, crossing over the Mae Sai River bridge.

Great place to watch the traders going between both countries selling their goods. Managed to shoot a few street pictures, I thought this a funny one.


What a title, could be anything else, but get rich.



Enjoyed the day and took a few pictures.

Keep Shooting

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