Day 3 Visit Historical Park

Day 3 was a busy day, taking in the nearby attractions ( info in the next post)and a visit to Thailand’s history past. Around 40km from our hotel we took a trip to visit the Si Satchanalai Historical Park. and well worth the visit. The park is situated in the Sukhothai province. Not only the beauty of the ruins, but the overlook of the park.






Mainly of the place of worship structures in this Historical Park were raised for the period of the Kingdom of Sukhothai era (1235-1438). The prehistoric town, once called Muang Chaliang, was named Si Satchanalai during the reign of Phra Ruang when a new governmental core was established to reinstate Chaliang. When Pho Khun Ramkhamhaeng (The third king of Sukhothai era) has come to succeed to the throne as king of Sukhothai , he reconstruct and development in all aspects Satchanalai city. There are many kings in Sukhothai era. Even when Sukhothai fall under the authority of Ayutthaya during the early royalty of the Phra Ruang dynasty would be honored to governance in the old city Satchanalai. Si Satchanalai Historical Park has been honored as a World Heritage (World Heritage).

If in Sukhothai pay this park a visit.

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