Lovely Lady

Driving from the local electrical company after paying the monthly bill, I notice this lady pushing a cart along the road. A everyday occurrence in Thailand for people to collect plastic bottles, beer, soda cans and other stuff that we throw in the trash can. Stopped the car jumped out and started to take pictures. As the lady got closer she saw that I was taking her picture, she smiled. She continued on her way down the road.

Lovely Lady Pushing The Cart 1

Lovely Lady Pushing The Cart 2

Lovely Lady 2

Lovely Lady 1

Lovely Lady Pushing The Cart 3

We are very lucky we don’t have to roam the streets collecting trash to make money. Just a thought!

Keep Shooting

Car Alarm

Sunday morning at 6am, get up and out with the camera. The morning started off really well, drove around the area looking for a few pictures. Excellent, now into the town to capture a few street scenes. Parked the car and off we go.





Back to car and head off home for a nice cup of tea. Not so fast, the car door doesn’t open using the remote. So use key in the door, open the door and the alarm goes into operation. No one bats a eye, they just carry on with their business. After a while the alarm switches off. Tried the door again and off the alarm again. I ask the the local motor cycle taxi riders to help. Jump on the back of the bike to find a garage open. After riding around for a while we manage to find someone (it is Sunday). The guy takes out the alarm and the car is OK to drive.

Well these things are sent to try us, but I captured a good few pictures. So in the end all is well.

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Day 6: Visit to Mae Sai

Mae Sai, a Northern boarder town of Thailand. Traveling to Mae Sai we pass a Hill Tribe village, although this ge the vendors selling their goods, my wife and I felt “yes, here we go hard sell”. The village is a tourist attraction. We still decided to take a look at the village. As we walked through the village I still managed to click a pictures of the tribe people.



Walking towards the village entrance, we meet the man who wants the money to enter. Decided not to go through. Asking 300 baht each.

Onto Mae Sai we go. Many years ago we ventured to the town, but such a great place to take your camera. Hustle and bustle of a boarder town. The crossing point is to Myanmar, crossing over the Mae Sai River bridge.

Great place to watch the traders going between both countries selling their goods. Managed to shoot a few street pictures, I thought this a funny one.


What a title, could be anything else, but get rich.



Enjoyed the day and took a few pictures.

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