Quick Visit To The UK

Well my time is nearly over for this quick trip to the UK. The reason for the trip, is mom is not too good. Not life threating, thank God, but she is having mobilty problems. She is in need of of a hip replacement. Over the week we have been to the local doctors, visits from the social worker and final to the hospital to visit the surgeon. An action packed week with not much photography takinhg place, yes I brought along old faithful, still I did manage to get out to shoot a few.
Back to my mom. Really surprised at the time we had to wait at the hospital. Not the usually, I beleive come in sit and wait. In fact I put in a enough money in the car park machine for up to four hours. Not needed, but you never no. Anyways, within 15 minutes we were in to see the specialist. Yes we can do the op, but the waiting time is six months. Oh dear, still she is on the list.

Back to the photography. On a couple of occasions I went out for a walk around the local village (Blakedown, Kidderminster, Worcsetershir). Being from the village a few changes to area have occured but in general nothing too major. I did bump into a guy who was set up with his camera taking pictures of wild life. Had a nice chat with him about camera’s, equipment and life in general. Looking at the country side, I said to my self, this is what is great about the UK, the land. Hopefully it will never change.

The pictures below have not been PP, but I think they are OK.


You can imagine what this creature is saying. “Great that camera out of my Face”

Snowdrops. Delicate, but very pretty.


Really suprised me to see new born’s this time of year.

I will put out another post later with more pictures from February UK.

Keep Shooting

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