Failed or Change of Plan

People make New Years resolutions and make plans to carry them out over the year, well like a majority, I too made a resolution. The one I made to myself was to take a least one imagine everyday throughout the year. Then at the end of the year put together a slide show of the imagines. Good idea, yes, well guess what. The end has come after only 9 days. Up to then no problems. In fact the project started at midnight with a firework display.
Links below just in case you missed the postings.

For eight days on track, but on the ninth that was the finish. I couldn’t get out with the camera. Perhaps just to keep the momentum going I could have gone into the garden and clicked away. But I have posted a number of garden picture already, so that was not an option. You may say, you can always find something new out there. But my wife is getting a little, well let’s not use the word, but just say fed up with me about my obsession with the camera.

So what is the new plan, can I pick up and miss one day? No, so the plan has changed to putting together a monthly record of the best imagines from that month. Yes that is it.
Failed: No, just a change of plan. I feel better already.

Keep Shooting


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