New Year Fireworks

During New Years eve day I was downloading the days pictures onto the hard drive ready for the midnight firework display. Waiting all day to try handheld shots of the display, the time had arrived. The family wished all happy New Year and the fireworks started. Me of course camera in hand started to click off. Nothing happening. Why? O my god I forgot to put the card back in the camera. Not wanting to seem a idiot I quickly reached for the computer, took out the card and into the camera it went.

Anyways I manged to click off a few. I will post more later. If I deserve the idiot of the day, it is me. Anyone have a story to tell of photo shoot mishap?

Here is a picture of a burst. Handheld, not bad.


Keep Shooting


  1. […] People make New Years resolutions and make plans to carry them out over the year, well like a majority, I too made a resolution. The one I made to myself was to take a least one imagine everyday throughout the year. Then at the end of the year put together a slide show of the imagines. Good idea, yes, well guess what. The end has come after only 9 days. Up to then no problems. In fact the project started at midnight with a firework display. Links below just in case you missed the postings. 1″> […]

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