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Inspired Eye is photography digest with photography articles. The magazine is the brain child of Olivier Duong. I have been a member for sometime now and really look forward to the monthly editions.
Features photographers throughout the world, looks at their work in more detail and also provides articles on a number of photography issues.

To the title of my today’s blog: Published in Inspired Eye. Olivier asked a few weeks ago, to send in any articles that concern themselves about photo documentary. At the moment I am working on essay about the Fishing Industry in Thailand. So I sent off the work and thanks to Olivier it has been published.

Take a look, but also please view Inspired Eye, you will be surprised at all the articles from photographers just like me.

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Babies Eyes

Took this picture on a recent trip to Rayong, Thailand. I go there to shoot the fishing boats and the fishermen returning with their catch. I saw this family early morning sitting and eating. To be truthful I didn’t see the eyes of the baby until I viewed the picture on the computer. I think it makes for a nice image.

Babies Eyes-0041

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Chopstick Hill (Khao Takiab)

Some six kilometers south of Hua Hin lies the small village of Khao Takiab. From Hua Hin beach you can see Khao Takiab mountain with its most distinct feature, a very impressive golden colored 20 meters high Buddha statue overlooking the sea.

Wat Khao Lad temple
On top of Khao Takiab hill, also known as monkey mountain or Chopstick hill is Wat Khao Lad temple, which is also known as the monkey temple, because of the many monkeys that live there.

The 20 meter Buddha statue is very beautiful and should not be missed if you visit the town of Hua Hin, Thailand.

Hands of Buddaha 4-0156

At The Feet of Buddha-0157

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