Vacation Time: UK Bound Day 1

Throughout our seven week visit, I will be posting regularly with pictures and text of our yearly adventure in the UK.

Haircut done, bags packed, plane tickets at the ready and now on the road to the airport. Traffic not to bad, so a smooth journey to Sumvarnabumi airport. 9.20pm flight to Dubai and then on to Birmingham with Emirates Airlines. We have been traveling with this airlines for a number of years now and I can say the service is on the decline. Our moms live in the area of Birmingham and both of us were born near, so Birmingham is the best option, less travel once we hit the airport.

Check in was excellent and the same at the immigration, although very busy, not a long wait. Into the departure lounge, with no time spare. We are on the A380, the big bird. Take off very quiet. We are up, up and away, here we go. After two hours the cabin crew come round with the evening meal plus the first drink offered on the flight. Thanks for the wait, so double Jack Daniels and coke please and double Bacardi and coke as well for my wife. Food not to good, see above about the service, it is on the way down. The entertainment system is not working, only sound through one side and crackling in the other. Speak to the purser, not a lot I can do sir, perhaps another drink wouldn’t go a miss. But no such luck. Anyways, I will have a single JD and hope I sleep. No luck here either, pains in the bum and legs keep me moving around. Ever had that fleeing of restlessness? Well I do now.

Landed in Dubai, for an airport of the this stature, I would have thought that moving the passengers along through their X-ray system would be a priority? No such luck, people in long queues. Only one hour to take off, so no chance off looking around.

On the plane, staff seem a little more pleasant, food arrives, a light meal. No alcohol on this leg I have to drive once we hit Birmingham. Breakfast is here, should have pasted. Omelette, mushrooms and some green stuff I can’t make out. Cold coffee. They ran out of scrabbled eggs, what this is Emirates, yes? Good job I didn’t go for that then.

Nearly there. We are here, touch down, 6.10am. Bags off the belt and off to collect the car. Off to the rental cottage.

Settled in to the cottage.

The Car
The Car
Cottage Stair View
Cottage Stair View

Keep Shooting

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