Vacation Blues

Although my blog is mainly about photography, I wanted to share a thought I had today. I work as a PE teacher in South East Asia and have waited for this two week vacation since Christmas. We are now in Hoi An on the coast of Vietnam, a lovely little town with a lot of character. Check out my photo posts on Hoi An. Well today, we were around the swimming pool into the final week of two, just relaxing and taking in the sun. I wished I hadn’t checked out my school email. Three email’s from staff asking about activities for the upcoming term. I turned to my wife and said I wonder what these people do during their holidays, perhaps think about ways of upsetting me, maybe? What I want to hear is that, the school has decided to give you an extra week, so stay where you are and enjoy yourself. We will still be here when you get back.
Much appreciated boss would be my reply.

Back to normal on the next post.

Keep shooting

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