All Sorts

Not sure what to call this entry on my photo blog, so I decided to call it “All Sorts”. I have tried to find my angle on the style of my photography that suits me has a photographer. But, but I do feel comfortable on the streets. I know there is no money in street photography compared to, should I say glamour. Sorry to all those photographers who make the their living out of taking pictures of women and I am pleased for you.
Over the past few months my photography has turned to the streets, whether it maybe a local market, someone passing by, or an object in the streets. Street photography is the moment. It may well be a rush and sometimes I do feel the blood pumping, which could be a disadvantage to a photographer, who needs to be steady to click the shutter. However, a guy named Bruce Gilden who is a noted street photographer, known for his work in New York City, really turned me on to street photography. I am sure it was his smile after taking his picture of the subject. The smile, the sheer pleasure of capturing an imagine. Yes that is it for me, the moment of capture. Please take a look at this clip. Bruce Gilden.

Anyways the “All Sorts” collection. Not all the pictures are of the street, but I do hope you find them interesting.

Who is the artist of the original work?
Who is the artist of the original work?

This work is a painted mural at my present school by students.

The Malaysian Singer
The Malaysian Singer

I took this picture, one of my first with the camera I use now, until I returned to Thailand. I showed the picture to a student, who said “do you know who that is”? of course I didn’t I just loved the graff.

My Flower Garden
My Flower Garden

Sorry this doesn’t work for me. Back to the streets.

Keep Shooting


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