Street Art

Found this artwork in a nearby village on a front wall of a small roadside house.

Leeawadee and Post Box
Leeawadee and Post Box
Leeawadee and a Lady
Leeawadee and a Lady

The Leelawadee is a small white flower, one of the most beautiful, exotic and useful plants among the fragrant tropical flowers in Thailand.

I found this story on a website:
Not sure if the story is true, but it makes a great conversational piece.
“More than ten years ago, this flower was known as “luntom,” which means sorrow. It was planted primarily at grave sites. No one would let us use it in a flower arrangement or wanted it to be planted in their yard because it had such negative connotations. But, around ten years ago, the King’s family changed the name to “leelawadee,” which means beautiful motion. This name is much more suited to the curved trunks, waxy green leaves, and fragrant flowers”.

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