The Trash Collector

A weekend outing to the nearby town of Sattahip, Thailand in search of picture taking was a venture that needs repeating, maybe next week? Plenty of opportunity for street photography. The gallery shows a part of Thailand that is very common, not only in the rural areas, but also the towns and cities.

One way for the people to make money is to collect trash from the bins and sell it on. This guy is such a person. However, is mode of transport is a motorbike sidecar, constructed to service his occupation. Unlike many with a just a push cart. I was just about to leave when I caught the guy going through his pile of bags of trash in his sidecar. In one picture the guy is taking a swig of from a bottle of beer he just rescued from a trash can.

The pictures are to highlight the plight of a number of Thai people making a living on the streets.

Keep Shooting.

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