Theme: Monks

On the streets taking pictures is a great way to view society. Even if you return to the same location time and time again, you always find a new experience to photograph. There is movement and new people walking past. Movement for a photographer, especially on the street is part of the make up. Moving in and out, weaving, searching for that unique picture that makes your day.

On several outings I have come across an number of Buddhist Monks in places and situations you would normally not find them. Below is a series of pictures named: “Monks”.
Take a look, you might find a couple very unusual and humorous.

Monk and His Nikon
Monk and His Nikon
Hitch Hiking
Hitch Hiking
Monks in the Temple
Monks in the Temple
Drive On Please
Drive On Please

And the final picture: A place you may not find a monk, but on this occasion I did.

Monk in Mac's
Monk in Mac’s

Keep Shooting

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