Early Pictures

The other day I was going through the many computers files on my hard drive containing loads of pictures I have taken over the past year. One favorite is of a Thai old lady.

The story behind the pictures is somewhat extraordinary. I was driving through the local town with my daughter, when the traffic in front began to slow down, to the point of stopping. In front, the traffic started to overtake what I thought was a parked car, in fact the cars were overtaking a old women in the middle of road just walking along with not a care in the world, good on her. As I passed the lady I said to my daughter I want to take a few pictures. Pulling over, taking the camera out of the bag I clicked away, and managed to get what I think are a few nice pictures.

As mentioned these are my early work.

Thai Old Lady
Thai Old Lady
Thai Old Lady 2
Thai Old Lady 2

I still think these are my best shots.

Keep Shooting

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