Theme: Rust, Decay and Beauty

I chose the title of this theme, due to the way I view rust and decay as beauty. The colors are very vibrant and rich.
Many artist feature their work with a rust and decay theme.Tony Reason, a British Artist: “Rust is a powerful pigment, with its vivid hues of red and orange that it lends to all sorts of metals”. He sees great beauty in rust, because he has made it the center of much of his work: giant metal panels with rust designs and even rust mixed with wax and painted on canvas.

The photographic scope for taking pictures is endless, we see rust and decay in our everyday lives. You only need to look at a house left unattended for sometime to see the state at which it has turned into. Maybe, next time you go out for a walk or go to a city just take a look, remember take your camera, you may capture a few interesting imagines.

The pictures in the gallery were all taken during my visit to the UK. Take a look, and I hope you get inspired to click off a few next time out.

Keep Shooting


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