Waiting for Inspiration

Have you ever been looking for inspiration? Thinking about what to write your blog on? Looking for a thread so you can put over a message.

Dictionary Definition: someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something. Taken from Cambridge Dictionaries On line Web Site.

Recently I decided to show a photo essay put together from a project to the students at my present school titled “Lost”. You may recall a post I sent out with the same title not so long ago. I wanted to put a message across to the students that we are very fortunate in what we have in life. We have shelter, clothing, food and also loved ones around that help us through the everyday life stresses we encounter.

Not sure how the students would react to photo essay. I gave a short introduction about the reason behind the project. Once finished the students reaction was a little subdued. Their usual reaction to any presentation is clap and cheer, but in this instance a few students clapped, but the majority were quiet.

One student came to see me and in conversation she said, that the photo essay had inspired her. She continued to elaborate, that the theme had touch her very much and she wanted to go out with her camera and record imagines of her own. The student then continued to say that with the material, her final coursework project would be based on the street life of beggars and the lost people.


So maybe through inspiring others, I have also inspired myself to stretch myself with my photography work.

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