Boats and the Ocean

I have always been a fan of the ocean and what it has to offer. I do like to snorkel, but never any further than the surface or perhaps a couple feet. So nothing to the extent of diving down to ocean floor. On the beach I just can’t keep still, I have to go and explore the rocky areas just in case I might find something to capture an of imagine with my camera.

Just recently (please check out my post on Rayong Fishermen) I have been into taking pictures of fishing boats and the people who work these vessels in order to make a living. In the picture below I have named “Expression” I saw the boat returning to the port and noticed the people on board, with their expressions of laughter and some of exhaustion. Although I have never been out to sea with a boat of this nature, one can see that they are relieved to back to shore after, maybe a night or even more of toil on the ocean waves.


For some fishermen the day is not over. Unloading the catch, and mending the nets in preparation for the returning journey to catch more fish for the ever waiting public to enjoy.

Mending the nets
Mending the nets

So when you are tucking into your fish for dinner, spare a thought for the fishermen who go out to bring your dinner.

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