Photography and Pictures

We take photographs for what reason? For professional photographers it’s their job and they get paid for their imagines. The same as any other person who works, it’s their job. That doesn’t mean to say pro photographers always think about the money when out in the field, but no imagines no pay.

What does it mean to the enthusiast to capture imagines? There are a number of ideas that consistently appear on web sites and blogs. These range from capturing memories to improving as a photographer.

The camera is the only tool that stops time. For that moment in time you have captured that brief moment for eternity. You have made history with one press of the shutter button. As time goes by you can dig out the print or go through files from your hard drive or wherever you store your imagines and recall those moments. Isn’t that fantastic? You are able to go back in time.

Street Photography is an history maker. Recalling the time when that building was there, when that street had trees down the road side. Photojournalism captures imagines of the war for the world to view. These are more ideas of why we take photographs.

The camera is a powerful tool it can be used to change the world, but it can also be used as a weapon. We has photographers hold this power in our hands and we need to be careful in what we capture.

For me the new enthusiast, or should I say born again photographer. I see myself as a Street Photographer going out and making connections with people or interacting with the moment.

I'm Cool
I’m Cool

The picture I tilted “I’m Cool” I took during one of those times when I made a connection. The man in the picture is a Thai man on the street selling lottery tickets. I can speak Thai just enough to get by, so I stopped and started talking to him and it went from there. Great guy and what a pose, just the job.

Oh No Not Me
Oh No Not Me

Same again this Thai lady selling lottery tickets on the street. I looked at her and she started to smile and her reaction says it all. Another very nice person with a great smile. These are the people I like to capture, real down to earth people working to make ends meet.

There are numerous reason to take pictures. What ever reason just get out there with your camera.

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