Mobile Phones

One photography project I really got into was looking at the use of mobile telephones. The project focused on searching out unusual situations when people were using their mobiles. I have added a few pictures where I have found the use of the mobile.

Where would you find a mobile phone user, you would be surprised.

Calling My Shadow
Saw this chap in the UK and thought is he chatting with his shadow.

On the boat
On the boat

On the boat in Hong Kong

The Crash
The Crash

You can imagine what he was saying to the person on the other end. Just crashed into a boat. Reply: Bet you were on your mobile.

Lady and her mobiles
Lady and her mobiles

Which one shall I use to contact, choices, choices oh dear.

And the last one I really like. I have titled “You row, I use my mobile”

man and wife?
man and wife?

Hope you enjoyed the humour attached. When you are out next time just take a look at the unusual situations you will find people on their mobile.

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