Working Overseas The Expat Life

A small blog on my expat life working overseas.

I am a teacher working overseas in Asia. The opportunities are multiple, fortunately I work in an area that is usually warm throughout the year, so that is a massive benefit. To name a few more, I can travel to exotic places nearby, the students are always well behaved, except for a few very minor infractions. But generally there are no major behavior problems.

But the main opportunity is that I can take pictures of beautiful locations and the street photography, is well something different everyday.

Before I move onto the photography part of the blog, the teaching is the first section for discussion. If you have the opportunity to work overseas, take it, it is a massive experience, that can lead to development in your personal ambitions. I started at a large school where the resources were second to none. I developed my teaching practice and has the school was located in South East Asia it gave me the chance to work amongst a multicultural teaching and student body. Where back in your home country, coming from a small village which I did, you sometimes don’t meet, think about or make contact with people from another culture or race. Tolerance to others and understanding the working colleagues from other countries is a an important factor. You learn to become more patience in your approach when requesting help from others.

I have moved around to other schools in South East Asia and what I learned from the first school has stayed with me right up today. Tolerance and patience.

The photography section.
Here the opportunity to take pictures is fantastic, everyday a new experience, a different happening. Great for all genre of the art. At every opportunity I get out with the camera. Some pictures work others don’t, but with digital, well no cost development changes to take into consideration. So click away is my motto. Practice everyday, I take my camera everywhere.

Overseas expat life is not for all, you give up a considerable amount to work aboard, especially if you move a long way from your home country. And yes you do miss your family. But the experience you gain takes your through life with a different perspective on how you valve the things around you.

Quote from Del Boy (only fools and horses) he who dares wins. I think another outfit use this motto as well and they are very successfully.

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