On The Street With My Camera

I don’t know how you feel when you are on the street with your camera, but I get this feeling of being involved with the people, the environment and society. Today I went to the streets looking interesting people to photography. Once out there I found several people who I managed to photography. Once again the theme follows to the “Lost” project that I am working on. I hope to publish a eBook on the sad faces of Thailand.At the moment I am reading a book by Jer Johns Here: The Journey to Passion. No, I am not his agent plugging his book and I still have a number of pages to read. So far it is a great read, you need to read it, if like me you are working on a project about society. There is a passage where Jer is walking around New York, I don’t want to go to much in depth about the book, but he his walking and taking pictures of all he finds interesting. Then he starts to see another side, where he starts to cry. This is where he notices the many people down on their luck. He states that before this experience he was not interested in people who are situations of out of luck, it was because there was no need to make contact. Anyways check it out.From  reading this book I feel a very strong urge to exhibit my work in the hope that we has a society start to care.As already stated I took to the streets at the local town and came upon a number of Lost people. They look so sad, their eyes said it all, please help was their cry. People walking by not even looking or moving further away so as not to come close. I started to take pictures of them, not to exploit them but I do hope after the work is complete, society may think again and help.

Man at 7-11
Man at 7-11

In the first picture I was on my way to pay the water bill at the 7-11, seeing this guy just sitting there I took the picture.
The guy was still there when I returned a few hours later.

Driving around the town I noticed another person moving down the street. I parked up the car and walked over to him. He was just standing there, no expression, just standing by a flower seller. The vendor had obviously gave him a rose which he was grasping in his hand. sad face and the eyes another sign of a person lost. Perhaps the rose reminded him of a loved one he used to know. Who knows?

Man and His Rose
Man and His Rose

The last picture I took last night outside the local supermarket. Sitting by the bus stop, waiting and relying on people to give him some change.

Man at Tesco
Man at Tesco

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