Final Push of the Road Trip

Sitting by the pool looking around it only seems five minutes ago we were making our way down south for the Christmas Vacation. Looking back we have travelled many kilometers on our road trip and everyone has been totally enjoyable.
I have taken a number of pictures along the way and will feature these in a blog very soon. The Amari hotel was a excellent stop over and I have included pictures of the hotel and the facilities.
It will soon be time to pack the car and make the drive first to Bangkok and then onto Rayong. The journey should take around five hours.
That’s it the call, time to go.

Swimming Pool


View of the Centre Hotel Building


Game and Reading Room

On the road to Bangkok passing through the country side looking at the rice fields, one thinks of the hard work the farmers have to put in to make sure their crops yield the money to make ends meet.
I was hoping to take pictures of the salt flats near Samut Songkhram. This road is better know as “Salt Road”. Unfortunately the flats were flooded with water and the drying process was taking place, so no picture shoot this time. Anyways another project for the future.

Making Bangkok we drop off one my daughters and continue towards Rayong. We arrive home at 9.30pm. That’s it game over.
I hope you have enjoyed following the Edwards family’s road trip and I hope you will continue to follow my blog.
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