Road Trip Around the Amari Hua Hin

Great breakfast to start the day, just sitting around the pool enjoying the sun and relaxing after the journey from the south.
Last night started off as a disaster. We went to a restaurant that we have patronized since its beginning, but last year the service and attitude of the owner was a little rude, so I reviewed on a site explaining the event. We thought we would give the owner a second chance to see if the service had improved. Once there we sat down, speaking to the waitress who commented that she had not seen us for over a year. To my surprise the owner came over and shouted that there was no table for us in front of the few customers that were there, we got up and left. The name of the restaurant shall remain nameless in this blog. But it is in Hua Hin. Never mind we traveled into the centre and had a great meal.

My wife is using her Kindle and my daughter explained how to work the tool. Hopefully I will have some piece and quiet to continue with this blog. Don’t tell her what I said.

Back to the blog.
The Amari is a very nice place to stay if in Hua Hin, it is on the south side of the town but is still convenient to the shopping areas. We have stayed here before so we know the layout of location.
Onto the beach for the afternoon. There is a very nice beach cafe/bar which is part of the Amari, which serves food and drinks.
Couldn’t resist the picture below it is the ultimate beach massage.



Stay tuned for the final day of the road trip. Back Home to Rayong, Thailand

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