Lost Souls

I have been working on my latest photo essay titled “Lost Souls” for a few months. The idea behind the project started when I visited the Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. Walking around the area outside of the Grand Palace with my camera hoping to shoot pictures.
I noticed numerous people looking lost, sad and obviously wondering where they would stay for the night. I am not talking about the tourists, where at times I have been lost, but these lost souls are unfortunately in distressed. Could they have lost their jobs, divorce, loved ones or a nervous breakdown? We don’t approach them and find out what can I do for you or do we care?

In this blog I am putting together a journal of pictures that highlight unfortunate people who have lost their way. We seem to complain about work, etc, I hope the article brings awareness that there are many people you are in a unfortunate position and that by the grace of God go you or I. All pictures are taken by me.
Spend a thought.

Sad Man


Eating by 7-11




Looking For Help


Help Please


Down the Line

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