Road Trip to Phuket

Diary Date: 26th December 2013
Woke up, made coffee, had breakfast and now working on what to do today. Decide to take a trip down to local pier, hopeful of a few pictures.

Equipment: Nikon D3200, with the kit lens.
Out by a pier on the east coast, a small fishing village. Local sea gypsy fishing repairing their boats, nets and waiting for the evening to get out there and earn some money. Taken a few portraits of some great people, I asked before I shot. The fisherman repairing boat (picture attached) was more than happy to explain what he was doing. The job was to replace the string between the wood joints, this is to keep out the water. I learned something today about boat repair. Life is one big learning experience.

Passing rubber trees along the way and pinapple plantations makes this trip an enjoyable experince. 
Phuket has many beautiful places to visit and plenty of photo opportunities. 
Touring around the north of the island we meet up with protesters in convoy. Managed to take a few photos. Stopped at Surin beach for a quick liquid refreshment at a place named Nok Seaford, right on the front with a nice view of the bay, before moving on. The beach is a mass of umbrella’s and loads of tourists enjoying the sun and ocean. 
Stopped off at the new Villa Supermarket at Boat Avenue to check out the store.
Well that is it for the day, a successful day of photography.

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