This blog on Graffiti will be an ongoing project, with pictures and video of the art form found in location around South East Asia. I hope you will comment and add interesting stuff yourself.

Graffiti or Street Art as it sometimes called is found in most usual places and the colors are vibrant. These colors are what causes to viewer to turn their head and glance at the art works. At the moment I am spending Christmas in Phuket, searching the streets for graffiti.

Art or Vandalism? Well which one do you agreed with? Do we always think the artist who manufactured the graffiti with a can of spray are into destruction of property of others? Questions that spring to mind when the word graffiti is mentioned in any context. When the master of graffiti “Bansky” is mentioned the media and others take a different view. Why? Celebs own his work, Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera ( Voice Coach) and a number of others, so they condone graffiti, yes? Keep It Spotless – $1,870,000 a Banksy went for that much money, so someone thinks it art.


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