Gibbon Project in Phuket


Gibbon Rehabilitation Program in Phuket is worth a visit. It must be around 12 years or more since we last visited the centre. The work the volunteers do there is fantastic. The nice lady at the entrance was very passionate and explained all the centre was doing in the plight for these primates and their safety.

This is worth a visit, and a reminder of why wild animals should be left to live their lives in their nature habitat. We were told that a majority of the gibbons are taken from unscrupulous people using these poor creatures as attractions for tourists.
If you would like to volunteer at GRP or adopt a Gibbon go to the web site or email them.
They would look forward to hear from you.

The National Park (BangPae), this where the GRP site is located. Unfortunately the entrance fee is two tiered, one for tourists and one for Thais. If you work here in Thailand remember not just to bring your driving license, but proof of the company you work for, this is a must. I gave in my driving license and then work ID, the my son in law ( who is Thai produced his work ID, he works for the Danish Embassy, for a free entry) remember the westerns who work here pay Thai Tax so lets make sure we have the benefits of the same prices the locals have, sore point maybe, but not all here are on the vast sums paid to expats.

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